Let the anytime, anywhere e-commerce begin

Each and every year, billions of dollars are spent online and that number will continue to skyrocket as purchasing options grow and more and more customers opt for the ease and convenience of e-commerce. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to get your share of those digital dollars? With Sphere, you can do so with ease. We offer secure and smart solutions to optimize your customer’s experience, so they can pay how, when and where they want, and you can rev up your online revenue and never look back.

Choose an online payment acceptance solution that checks all the boxes

  • Seamless user experience
  • One stop shop or flexible, scalable payment solutions and merchant services
  • Reduces PCI scope
  • Fraud protection Supports automated recurring billing/subscription cycles
  • Customizable/configurable payment page
  • Simple to integrate into your existing e-commerce sites
  • Maximum uptime
  • 24/7 comprehensive support and robust reporting capabilities

Learn about how

Sphere supports e-commerce.

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E-commerce FACT SHEET

E-commerce means more easy money

The anytime, anywhere e-commerce world is full of possibilities and absolutely flush with revenue opportunity. Sphere online payment solutions meet the demands of your customers who want to pay how they want, when they want, with multichannel payment acceptance, but also gives you advanced reporting capabilities and metrics so you can get a bigger piece of the revenue pie.

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Take your risk out of the e-commerce equation

With Sphere you can reap the rewards of a robust e-commerce platform and reduce the risks and costs of accepting online payments. Sphere’s tokenization and encryption technologies keep sensitive payment data out of your environment and lowers the cost of PCI DSS compliance and security. Our e-commerce solutions leverage the dependability, security, and performance of the Sphere payment acceptance platform, providing advanced fraud screening, consumer authentication and access to robust reporting and analytics to help recognize and maximize a world of commerce opportunities.

Everything e-commerce minus the friction

Start accepting payments with ease using our end-to-end solutions. For anytime, anywhere, bank-neutral solutions, Sphere is a single-source provider for everything you need to make payment acceptance easy. Our merchant services are different because they’re designed to integrate seamlessly with the way you work and can scale to help you grow. With transparent rates and fees there are no surprises and because we offer knowledge-based customer service that turns problems to solutions, there truly is zero friction.

Flex Your Power—Integrate Online Payments

Automate your accounting and payment processing with integrated online payments and create a seamless user experience that works within the framework of your enterprise to increase cash flow, minimize errors and strengthen security.

Our e-commerce solutions are designed for i-Frame, modal windows, or standalone pages and are mobile-friendly/responsive providing the ability to scale automatically for desktop, tablet and mobile use.

Providing a seamless integration gives your customers a better e-commerce experience because you can take payments anywhere, anytime and they are easy to integrate into the solutions you are using today:

  • Shopping carts
  • Donation pages
  • Industry specific solutions, such as Epic EHR software
  • Credit Card, Debit Card, and ACH processing via virtual terminal

We answer the call for exceptional customer service

When you have questions, we have immediate answers. Behind every service call is a specialist who knows the space and has the knowledge to get you the answers you need when you need them. Problems don’t get solved on hold, and Sphere has the experience and know-how to make things happen when you need solutions most.