Your Payments Provider Can Be a Powerful Marketing Partner


In order to provide an innovative and seamless experience for clients, Software Vendors are constantly looking for ways to improve the features and functionality of their solution.  One effective way to enhance the customer experience, in addition to the bottom line, is to partner with an integrated payments solution to enable the ability to pay for goods and/or services centralized within the software application. Further, as consumers are used to being able to pay in many ways, flexibility and multiple payment methods are a must.

At Sphere, we are more than just a payments partner. Great alliances start with common goals and shared vision. We are here to help you not only launch payments capability, but also help you clearly communicate these improvements and benefits to customers, so they are excited to adopt the payment enhancements and grow.

To begin, our teams will work together on joint go-to-market planning. We’ll brainstorm the best channels to reach your audience and messaging that will drive engagement. From there, our marketing teams will work together in three ways:

  1. We will help you get the word out. Here are just a few examples:
  • We can help you strategize your go-to-market planning
  • Partner introduction blog posts
  • Social campaigns announcing the partnership
  • Email campaigns to increase awareness
  1. We can articulate the value to your customers through joint content
  • Email nurturing campaigns
  • Newsletter blurbs and feature articles
  • One-page information sheets
  1. We can provide ongoing thought leadership
  • Participation in joint webinars
  • Guest blog articles on payments related trending topics
  • Develop mutual client case studies

An invaluable partner is one who can deliver frictionless onboarding to help customers hit the ground running, expert customer service, best-in-class security and technology plus provide compelling, co-branded communication tools to help customers understand the many benefits of upgrading. The results can be lucrative and long lasting.