Sphere Teams Up with MessageDesk to Enable Payments via SMS Text

This powerful new solution provides businesses of all sizes a tool for building better customer relationships while ensuring that payments are collected in a convenient, no-touch way.

Nashville, TN, June 8, 2021 —Sphere, a leading provider of end-to-end integrated payments and security software, today announced it has teamed up with MessageDesk. The new integration enables payment acceptance as a part of MessageDesk’s innovative SaaS business communications platform, which allows collaborative messaging between businesses and their customers. The combined solution seamlessly integrates with all aspects of business service, sales, and support.

Sphere and MessageDesk have joined to make MessageDesk payments a one-stop shop for invoicing and accounts receivable. The solution allows users to send payment forms over SMS and MMS messages and send click-to-pay invoices directly to contacts via text message. In addition, businesses can set up click-to-pay and click-to-donate campaigns directly within the app. MessageDesk will handle the collection and sending of the invoices and integrate directly with Sphere for secure payment processing. Businesses can also sync invoices with certain popular accounting software or create invoices within the MessageDesk solution and process payments through the integration with Sphere.

MessageDesk has three core features: Inbox, Group Broadcasts, and Autoresponders. Inbox allows businesses to send or schedule one-on-one messages and see replies from all contacts. Group Broadcasts allows businesses to send group texts without “reply all” to communicate conveniently and effectively with all contacts at once. Autoresponders are a keyword or phrase that customers text into their MessageDesk phone number to receive future messages. This tool helps businesses grow a subscriber list.

“Sphere’s collaboration with MessageDesk demonstrates the strategic way integrated payments can empower companies to meet their customers where they are for greater convenience and results,” said Ryne Natzke, Senior Vice President of Growth and Strategy at Sphere. “By expanding functionality to not only send invoices via SMS, but accept payment instantly—medical, field and professional services now have the flexibility they need to streamline payments in a safe and compliant way.”

“Today more than ever, companies need easy, cost-effective ways to send invoices and collect payment while customers have come to expect simple, convenient, low-touch ways to pay bills,” said Clint Vernon, Chief Executive Officer of MessageDesk. “Bringing together MessageDesk’s communication platform with Sphere’s world-class payment processing network in one simple, off-the-shelf offering, provides companies of all sizes a powerful new tool for building customer relationships and increasing sales while ensuring that payments are collected and accounts receivable are reduced.”


About Sphere
Sphere is a leading financial technology and software company revolutionizing integrated commerce solutions for healthcare and its synergistic verticals. Trusted by the nation’s largest health systems, Sphere delivers a highly integrated cloud-based platform that reduces friction and facilitates better and more secure patient payments that drive revenue. Sphere’s Health iPASS platform enhances provider revenue collection by simplifying the patient check-in process and facilitating pre-service, time-of-service and post-service engagement and payments through an innovative, multi-channel virtual software interface.  For more information on Sphere, visit www.spherecommerce.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
About MessageDesk
MessageDesk is a SaaS business messaging application that builds authentic, human solutions to day-to-day, operational problems. These problems include but are not limited to appointment reminders, campaigns, customer service, invoice and payment collection, marketing, and sales messaging.
At MessageDesk, we believe in the strength and vitality of small businesses and the local economies they serve. It is our job to empower these organizations with the educational and technical resources they need to increase efficiency, save time, and grow their business. As an organization, MessageDesk chooses to live by six standards and values that guide our business: Listen with Empathy, Promote Authentic, Personalized Communication, Focus on ROI But Prioritize People First, Seek Simplicity Whenever Possible, Solve Hard Problems in Smarter Ways, and Stay Curious. Our goal at MessageDesk will always be to empower businesses and organizations with smarter, simpler communication tools that help them grow and achieve more. In service to this goal, we are actively pursuing new technologies that will change the messaging and communications landscape forever. For more information about MessageDesk, follow us on LinkedIn.