About Us


Sphere revolutionizes software integration for smoother and more secure payment experiences in healthcare, wellness, not-for-profit and related industries.


Sphere is a leading financial technology and software company trusted by the nation’s largest health systems. We deliver highly integrated, cloud-based platforms that reduce friction and facilitates better and more secure payments.


Sphere was founded in 2017 with the intention of supporting the evolving world of digital payments. In 2017, we acquired TrustCommerce, a company who first introduced and pioneered the use of the payment tokenization process to make digital payments as secure as possible.

While our platform supports payments across several related industries, such as fundraising thorough Qgiv, we have recently sharpened our focus on facilitating better payments in the healthcare industry. Our recent acquisition of Health iPASS, a patient intake, check-in, and payment, software will allow us to continue to build upon that focus.

Sphere supports businesses across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Sphere is a Waud Capital Partners private equity company. The financial technology and payments experience of Sphere's executive leadership is unparalleled in the industry.

Company Timeline

Established 2017

Sphere Acquires TrustCommerce

TrustCommerce was founded in 1999 and acquired by Sphere in 2017. A pioneer in payment security, TrustCommerce was the first to introduce the tokenization model for subscription-based merchants. In 2007, they were the first payment vendor to integrate to Epic EHR software.


Sphere Strategically Invests in Qgiv

Qgiv, Inc. was founded in 2007 and Sphere strategically invested in Qgiv in 2018. In 2020, Qgiv reached a new fundraising milestone, the company’s nonprofit clients collectively raised over $2 billion.


Sphere Acquires Health iPASS

Health iPASS, Inc.  was founded in 2013 and acquired by Sphere in 2020.


Qgiv Acquires Acceptiva

Acceptiva was founded in 2004 and Qgiv, Inc. acquired Acceptiva in 2020. Acceptiva is a digital fundraising platform that provides nonprofits the ability to accept and process online payments and donations.


Sphere Launches Next Generation Health iPASS Platform

Sphere launched next generation Health iPASS platform providing truly revolutionary end-to-end healthcare payments from check-in to post visit.